i-and-e organises irregular concerts of contemporary improvised music in ireland. We have been involved in organising concerts in cork, belfast and paris, but our concerts usually take place in somewhere in dublin, ireland.

i-and-e was formed in 2003 by david lacey & dennis mcnulty. In 2004 they were joined by paul vogel. Currently, i-and-e is run by david lacey & paul vogel.

Since 2005, i-and-e has presented an annual festival in Dublin featuring both international and Irish performers, drawn from the worlds of improvised music, contemporary composition and sound art. Guests have included Keith Rowe, Mark Wastell, Andrea Neumann, Fergus Kelly, Rhodri Davies, Joe Colley, Judith Ring, Lee Patterson, Axel Dorner, Ferran Fages and Sean Meehan. Further one-off i-and-e events have included John Tilbury’s performance of Morton Feldman’s composition For Bunita Marcus in 2007, and Fred van Hove’s solo church organ performance in 2008.

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